Two Tail Hypothesis - Scholarship Essay ExampleThe analysis can be used by the manager to study if there is the significant difference between position and extrinsic job satisfaction in the company. This would enable the manager to make a plan on which strategy to use either Hourly Employee or Salaried Employee in respect of job satisfaction. Since α=0.05 and confidence level is 95%; t- statistic=-54.60, the critical value is ±1.96 we reject null hypothesis because p-value 1.67 E-91 is less than 0.05 and adopt alternative hypothesis. The t-test is used when the sample is small; it can be used to test the difference in population mean, that is when the population is n≤30 and the standard deviation of the population is estimated from the standard deviation of the sample. Whereas z-test is used when the population means is known together with standard deviation. Researchers do not have enough time to study the whole population.

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